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and not in your wallet

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Paymark, to Paypr, to Xero

Paypr is the only way to get receipts automatically on your phone. Powered by New Zealand's largest payment network and integrated with Xero, Paypr makes dealing with your expenses less of a pain and more of a pleasure.

How it works
  • Fastest expense process
  • 100% accurate
  • Real-time
Mobile expensing, quick-smart

Mobile expensing, quick-smart

Paypr generates draft expenses whenever you make a Paymark purchase. Expense your coffee while you wait for the beans to grind.

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Less to do

Paypr remembers your repeat purchases, so it registers that third drink with your client - even if you don't.

More done

Because your expenses arrive pre-coded in Xero, you can settle into a better process no matter who settles the books. Spend less time chasing paper receipts and more time on the business.

  • This Paypr app is unbelievable

    Rod Drury

    CEO, Xero

  • PwC has worked closely with Paymark and the Inland Revenue to bring clarity to the practical use of this innovative solution. If you say "no" to the offer of a paper invoice, Paypr is a complete digital solution for transactions up to $50. This is a fantastic step forward for New Zealand business.

    Scott McLiver

    PwC Partner & Cloud Accounting Leader

Got Xero? Get Paypr

Got Xero? Get Paypr

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    May 29th, 2016

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